Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Best things I ate in...November

With the month quickly coming to an end, I wanted to do a wrap-up of the best, most noteworthy things that I ate.
So enjoy yourselves and, for the love of gawd, try not to drool too much...


Chocolate croissant, Love Catering
Buttery, flaky, and crunchy on the outside, this three-bite morsel gives way to layer after layer of moist pastry and warm curds of semi-melted dark chocolate.
Not since my time in France have I had a more divine - and authentic - chocolate croissant.   

Classic Chicken Sandwich, Chick fil A
Just like you, I completely swore off Chick fil A  in the summer of 2012 after COO, Dan Carthy, made public comments opposing gay marriage.  And I'm proud to say that, probably unlike you, I kept my promise for two years.  It would have been longer, but someone in my office brought like thirty sandwiches to a lunch meeting.  And I was hungry...
After one bite of the 'Classic Chicken, it dangerously hit me: I don't even have to be hungry to enjoy one of these fcuking delicious sandwiches.  Hell, I could knock back a couple more of these babies and still not be fully satisfied!  Not that they don't fill you up, but one sandwich is not enough!  They're like crack, I tell you.  Crack!    

Zuke-don Bowl, Murakami Sushi
What could be better than a deconstructed (sushi) roll?  How about a deconstructed roll-in-a-bowl?
Served atop perfectly cooked, lukewarm sushi rice were artfully displayed mounds of wasabi, pickled ginger ribbons, sliced cucumbers, nori, green onions, an avocado wedge, and generous hunks of fresh, sweet soy-marinated tuna.

Gorgonzola + honey toast
Having met my friend, Natallia, in the Food Studies program at NYU, you can only imagine our culinary bond and shared passion for all-things-edible.  So when she invited me to a dinner party a few weeks ago, I knew that I would be in for a delicious evening of handmade eats and flowing drinks.
Of the extensive menu, I particularly fell in love with one of the most simple items: Gorgonzola + honey toasts.  While I don't have the exact recipe, my guess is that Gorgonzola cheese was schmeared atop French bread toast points and finished with lightly drizzled honey, sea salt and freshly-ground black pepper...before being broiled in the oven.
I'm going to try and re-create this fabulous appetizer for my Thanksgiving meal; I'll report back as to how it turns out!

Chicken tacos, rice and beans, Gilbert's El Indio
Because it is one of my member's favorites, I chose Gilbert's El Indio for the LA Mexican Food Lovers' Meetup group's November lunch.
Aside from the fact that the hard shell was fried in-house, I was particularly impressed that Gilbert's stuffed their chicken tacos with white breast meat.  For someone as finicky about poultry as I am, this was very soothing.
But beyond all of my qualms, all of the Mexican food I sampled at Gilbert's was greasy (I say that in the most positive tone.  Seriously.), delicious and, most importantly, closely resembled that which I grew up eating.

Cherry Pie, Sweet Lady Jane
When one of my senior colleagues said that Sweet Lady Jane made the best pies in town, I told him "I'll believe it when I taste it!"  After he replied saying that he would purchase a pie if I went to fetch it at the bakery, I couldn't leave my desk quickly enough.
Upon checkout, my heart skipped a beat when I saw how much the pie cost: $55!  "But we'll give you $10 back if you return the pan," advised the employee who handed me the receipt.  
"Oh my gawd," I blurted after my first bite, "this isn't the best pie in LA.  This is the best pie I've ever had.  Ever!"
As ridiculous and over-the-top as this sounds, the hefty price tag on the cherry pie was completely justifiable.  It. Was. That. Fcuking. Good.    


Lindsay, Beverly Hills Bites

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