Thursday, September 25, 2014

Where to eat: The Eastside

“Where to eat” is an ongoing list series that will be updated frequently

Pricing key:
$: Price per person, before alcohol, under $20
$$: Price per person, before alcohol, under $40
$$$: Price per person, before alcohol, under $60

Cuisine: American
  • Cliff's Edge ($-$$) Although it's not perched on the side of a cliff, this charming restaurant/cocktail den is a neighborhood gem.  You cannot beat the expansive outdoor dining lair and delicious brunch offerings; whether you choose to eat - or drink - your meal.
Cuisine: Bakeries
  • El Gallo Bakery ($) Traditional Mexican bakery offering both sweet and savory favorites.  Make sure not to miss the delicate lace cookies or the long sesame-seeded roll stuffed with cream cheese and jalapenos.
  • Golden Ribbon Bake Shoppe ($)
Cuisine: Mexican
  • Guisados ($)
  • La Azteca Tortilleria ($) If you're looking for a comfortable experience complete with waiter service and air conditioning, this is not your jam.  However, if it's a life-altering chile relleno burrito you crave, you simply *cannot beat* this not-so-hidden East LA gem.  Trust me, it's destination-worthy.
  • La Fuente ($-$$)

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