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Weekend review (12.5-12.7): Eats, drinks, and everything in between

Friday, 12/5

Happy hour at Scarpetta
"If we want to meet rich dudes," I said, "then we need to go where they hang out."  Andrea smiled and nodded.  "Good call, let's ask some successful blokes at the office where their clients go to celebrate deals.  Or whatever."
We arrived at Bar Bouchon around 6PM and it was dead, save for a couple canoodling in the corner.  "Gross," I said, "let's go to Scarpetta.  Now!!" 
In terms of happy hour pricing and quality, Scarpetta was a home run; the "man scene," on the other hand, was a totally different story.  But we stayed because the crowd was more lively and abundant and, from our vantage point, no one was making out in a corner.
Andrea and I enjoyed conversation amongst ourselves, delicious $9 signature cocktails, a burrata crostino, and one two orders of the restaurant's famous spaghetti.

Ferrari (cocktail): Don Julio Silver, Cointreau & blood orange juice
Burrata Crostino: Almond butter, delicata squash, spicy pumpkin seeds

Spaghetti, tomato and basil
For dessert, we walked across the plaza to Bouchon Bakery and stocked up on kouign-amann pastries and macarons.  What?  With our alcohol buzzes all but gone from the carbs we inhaled, we needed a sugar fix to soothe our man-less evening

Bouchon Bakery's kouign-amann

Saturday, 12/6

Beyond the obvious physical benefits of working out, I crave/need exercise for the endorphins.  Sweating aids in releasing anger/stress/toxins; I figure, the more I sweat, the more "poison" is rid from my body.  Bottom line?  It's in everyone's best interest that I exercise (...otherwise, I'd probably be in the slammer).  Capish?
While I couldn't tell you the first thing about a gym floor and/or how to use one of those fancy weight machines, I can confidently say that I'm a free-standing studio expert.  Name the class, and I've probably taken it.  And of all that I have tried, Flywheel is still the best spin studio in the country.  Period.     

While volunteering at an event for Wags & Walks, I sampled my very first SusieCakes' cupcake.  
Oh. My. Gawd.  It was everything that I look for - and more - in a cupcake: Moist, egg-y cake with a generous schmear of cloyingly-sweet butter cream icing.  
If I closed my eyes between bites, I was magically transported to my beloved Buttercup Bakeshop in NYC.

Photo found on SusieCakes' website
For dinner, I found myself back at Barton G; this time, to celebrate my friend's birthday.  And, as always, it proved delicious and ridiculously over-the-top.  
As opposed to ordering individual entrees, we split an array of smaller, shareable plates:
  • The hits: Strike Out Sliders, Lobster Trap Truffle Mac & Cheese, Truffled Duck Fat Steak Fries, Sweet Potato Fries 
  • The misses: Broiled Cauliflower w/ Citrus Brown Butter, Brussels Sprouts (...basically all of the "healthier" stuff)        

Sunday, 12/7

Anna's birthday brunch, State Social House
Instead of doing an elaborate dinner, we celebrated Anna's birthday over a boozy, carb-filled brunch.  From the make-your-own Bloody Mary bar to the bottomless mimosas, there was no way that any of us were getting out of there sober.  Or hungry, for that matter.  

In an effort to sample more menu items, Elaina and I chose to split the following entrees:
Fried chicken (wings) & (Belgian) waffles

Five-cheese Grilled Cheese (stuffed with garlic + truffle fries)

After learning some unwarranted gossip, I did what any other pissed off chick would do in the exact same situation: I baked a batch of biscuits.  And ate half of them.

The end.


Lindsay, Beverly Hills Bites

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