Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Reviewed: Barton G.

Restaurant: Barton G.
  • Cuisine: Creative American, comfort food
  • Location: 861 N. La Cienega Blvd. - Los Angeles, CA 90069
  • Pricing: $$$
  • What's delicious: Lobster Pop Tarts, Mouse Trap Mac 'N Cheese, The Great American Steak
  • Perfect for: Foodies, date night, group meals, bachelor/bachelorette party dinners
  • FYI: Bring your camera (phone)

Having wanted to try Miami's famed Barton G. restaurant since my last visit to the area (circa 2013), I was elated to learn that an LA outpost had recently opened.

Barton G: The dining room 

Listen here, all of you body-conscious Angelino's: Whether you're watching your carb intake or abiding by that faux gluten-intolerance of yours, put all of that crap aside.  Because Barton G. is not the type of restaurant where you can successfully avoid fat/alcohol/starch/sugar/fun.  So leave all of that diet nonsense at the door.  First line of business?  When the bread tray makes its way to your table with gratis, freshly-baked doughnut-shaped rolls, man up and take one or, in my case, one of each flavor...

Barton G: Donut-shaped bread, topped with different savory "icings"
To fully whet our appetites, Elaina and I chose to ignite our meal with the "Lobster Pop Tarts."  And the "Mouse Trap Mac 'N Cheese."

Lobster Pop Tarts
Playfully served "up" in a toaster, two warm, flaky pastry pockets were filled with an abundance of sweet Maine lobster chunks and rich, gooey gruyere cheese + Pernod mornay sauce.  Tabasco hollandaise and tarragon aioli served as dipping accompaniments.

Barton G: Lobster Pop Tarts
Mouse Trap Mac 'N Cheese
Served atop a mouse trap contraption - complete with a cheddar wedge for "bait" - was a cast iron-skillet filled to the brim with cheese-laden noodles.
Everyone knows that, when it comes to the proper ratio, there should always be a bit more cheese to pasta.  And, speaking of cheese in this particular "mac," it was more of a rich and creamy, stick-to-your-ribs blend that, I'm guessing, was roux-based.  No Velveeta here, folks!  Being a fat Southern gal at heart, this is the best mac 'n cheese that I've had outside of Texas.

Barton G: Mouse Trap Mac'N Cheese
Because of the extravagant presentations and, from our observation, the sheer size of the entrees, Elaina and I decided to go halfsies on "The Great American Steak."

The Great American Steak (we chose the filet mignon over the ribeye)
As if a perfectly-cooked steak wasn't rich enough, Barton G. charbroils and serves theirs alongside roasted bone marrow, which sears both the beef and the accompanying root vegetables.  But it gets better: This carnivorous feast is paired with the most ridiculously delicious truffled duck fat steak fries which, of course, I don't have a photo of (you're just going to have to trust me on this one). 

Barton G: The Great American Steak 
Although Elaina and I wanted to order dessert, the pricing was pretty hefty for a party of two.  Think: $20+ per item.  Had we been a larger group, however, we most definitely would have indulged in something sweet.

From the sexy, casually opulent atmosphere to the fabulous food, drink, and service, our entire experience - from start to finish - was a spectacularly gluttonous feast for all of our senses.
...So much so, in fact, that I have since cancelled an upcoming reservation at Bazaar for a table at Barton G.


Lindsay, Beverly Hills Bites

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