Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Weekend review (9.26-9.28): Eats, drinks, and everything in between

The essence of this past weekend could best be summed up in two words: Mexican food.


On Saturday, I hosted our monthly LA Mexican Food Lovers' lunch at Don Chuy's, a full-service Mexican restaurant located in the Culver City neighborhood.    

Meal highlights included:

Complimentary chips and salsa duo

Shredded beef fried taco, rice and beans
(...the enchilada and chile relleno on my combination plate were less memorable.)


Later that afternoon, I drove up to Malibu Wines in honor of my friend's fiance's surprise birthday party (Whew! That was a mouthful.).  

Located about a hour's drive outside of the city (LA proper), the terrain, temperature, and scenery at this hidden wine enthusiast's oasis could not be more different.  
Photo: Malibu Wines
Since Nicole and her fiance are members of Malibu Wines, they had first dibs on lawn tables. Situated front and center of the live music stage, we ate (Malibu Wines does not sell food, you have to bring your own), drank wine, danced, and gossiped until the sun went down.  What a fabulous venue!


After not having seen one another since high school in El Paso, it was only fitting that Carmen, her adorable toddler, Bianca, and I reunite at a Mexican restaurant.  Mercado, to be exact.

We caught up over handmade chips and spicy pepita-laced guacamole, fresh fruit margaritas, chilaquiles, and the best flan that I've ever had (...and that's coming from someone who would not otherwise order - nor eat - the famous jiggly dessert).

Meal highlights included:

Spicy pepita-laced guacamole

Chilaquiles rojos topped with two fried eggs

Don't be fooled by its appearance; this is NOT your typical flan.  Served alongside an anejo syrup, this delightful custard seriously has to be composed of 95% sweetened condensed milk, because it's *that* rich, sweet, and creamy.  I've never had anything like it!
Folks: This flan is worthy of a visit to Mercado, alone.  It's that good!


Lindsay, Beverly Hills Bites

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