Thursday, September 25, 2014

Local farmer's market faves

Sure, fruits and veggies are a mainstay at each and every farmers market.  But handmade, artisanal products - at least in my opinion - are rare gems.  These treasures are incredibly unique and, if they taste as delicious as they look, make their particular market worth returning to time and time again.  Such is the case with my growing list of favorites, below.

For a list of all California Certified Farmers Markets in the area, click here.


Farmers market: Century City
  • Bond Bar Specializing in both handmade chocolate bars and these crazy delicious, multi faceted and textured "smores bars," this little stand's products blew me away.  Whatever you do, don't miss the dark chocolate/coconut bar.  Think Mounds...on crack.  And steroids.  At the same time.
  • Joie Et Macarons  Dare I say that Joie's salted caramel macarons are better than anything I've had in New York and, gasp, Paris?  It's true, folks.  Owner, Amanda Campbell, and her sister make each and every component from scratch.  Right down to the almond flour that creates that perfect cookie "crunch."  I also recommend the dark chocolate variety! 
  • Ihsan's Falafel "Do you know what makes Sudanese falafel different?" Asked the friendly employee handing out fresh-out-of-the-frier samples.  "Dill!" I excalimed after my first bite.  And what a delicious difference it makes!  Do not miss this      
Farmers market: The Original Farmers Market
  • Bennett's Ice Cream There are only four words that you need to know upon your visit to Bennett's: Salted caramel ice cream.  It's fan-fcuking-tastic.
  • Pampas Grill  Delicious Brazilian delicacies sold by the pound (think perfectly cooked meats)
  • Short Cake Check to see if they have their amazing Verve Coffee brownies/bites.  They are bitterly rich and dark chocolate-y in taste and fudgey in texture.  Dynamite!

Lindsay, Beverly Hills Bites

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